Monday, March 23, 2009

Rufus Sewell

One of the first times I came across the actor, Rufus Sewell, was when I watched Dangerous Beauty with Catherine McCormack. Aside from being a great actor with a very disarming charm about him, he has these HUGE green-hazel eyes that I can't help but love. He's been in at least 34 different films, the most notable films being the following:

Dangerous Beauty
Bless the Child
A Knight's Tale
The Legend of Zoro
The Illusionist
Tristan & Isolde
The Holiday
The Eleventh Hour (TV Series)

I did a search on my DVR for movies that he's in and found a GEM! It's a film called At Sachem Farm. It's a story about a young man who feels he has all the answers until his seemingly crazy uncle shows him the truth about life. It's a heartwarming story about succeeding in life by doing what you love instead of conforming to societies ideals about what success looks like. GREAT FLICK!

It's a shame about his name though.....why would anyone name their child Rufus? Must be a family name.

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