Saturday, March 28, 2009


Okay, so a week or so ago, I did a search on my DVR for any upcoming programs on Sigur Ros and found their documentary film they did for their Takk tour. I scheduled the recording and have been so excited to see this film that I've read so much about. It was run on the Sundance Channel.

After a morning of selling my wares at an elementary school tag sale, I was happy to come home and find the program recorded, so I settled in with some lunch and watched in awe as these amazing musicians went through the motions of creating, bonding and sharing.

The movie is called Heima, which in Icelandic means "at home". The movie is filmed soley in Iceland after the band has returned home from touring the world to promote their Takk album. As I've mentioned in my previous post, Takk means 'thanks' in Icelandic and the film portrays the band playing unannounced, free concerts all over Iceland as their way of giving back to their community for showing their support. It's such a touching gesture and one that makes me love this band even more. They simply seem so unaffected by their fame and popularity, unlike other bands who become famous and suddenly they are too good to speak to a common person. The members of Sigur Ros don't seem to be that way. They are very appreciative of their good fortune and take the opportunity to show their fans just how much they appreciate their support. The cinematography is stunning! You get a true feel for the Icelandic landscape and for the people. I've decided that I will add Iceland to my bucket list as one of those places that I must experience before I die.

What moves me so much is clearly seeing the emotion with which the lead singer delivers his songs. He sings from his heart and he plays from his heart......the whole band plays from their heart and I can't seem to get enough of that. It's such a pure inspiration to me to feel such passion through music. I can literally feel the passion in their music and I suppose that's why I remain fixated on them.

Until next time......

Takk fyrir lestur!
(thanks for reading!)


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