Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sigur Ros......again!

Over Mother's Day weekend, Sigur Ros posted a link to so fans could view the bonus videos included with the deluxe edition for their most recent album, Med sud i eryum vid spilum endalaust. I have watched the bonus videos twice now since then and invariably end up crying my eyes out by the end of it!

The first video depicts Sigur Ros the band on tour for their new album and doing a music video for one of my favorite songs, Gobbledigook. It's kind of nice to get a feel for what these guys are like when they aren't performing. They seem like regular, down to earth people who just love to have a good time and cheer each other on. It's really very endearing!

The second video is the making of the song, Ara batur at Abbey Road in London. For this song they used an orchestra and The Westminster Boys Choir. The end result is nothing short of breathtaking and would easily bring anyone to's THAT beautiful!

The more I see....the more I hear........the more I love.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Current TV

If you have Cablevision, you can't get this channel. If you have a dish, you might and probably do. If you have AT&T U-verse like I do, you get this channel. And what a wonderful channel it is!!!!!

I can't say enough amazing things about Current TV. I discovered it after we got U-verse through AT&T. If I was to describe it to those who need something to relate it to, I'd say it's kind of like You Tube except it is much more organized with a worldly view of the issues that affect countries, societies, communities and individuals. The network will take a block of time; maybe 30 minutes or an hour; to explore a topic.....let's say hair. In that time, they will show you "pods" that viewers have created exploring as many angles as they can on the subject of hair. They discuss everything from every angle.....politics, fashion, art, technology, lifestyle, movies, sports, music, religion, hair.....everything! There's a lot of funny stuff too.

I don't even watch the news anymore since everything that's reported is so biased. If you really want to know what's going on in the world, watch Current TV! I was watching a segment of pods lastnight about Iran. They discussed everything from the basiscs of Iran (like where is it on the world map and what is the dominant religion) to Iranian transexuality and nose jobs in Iran. Apparently, Iran is the nose job capitol of the world!

There's a wealth of information on Current TV that more people should have access to. Too many people have been sucked into the clutches of mainstream media, where society is only allowed a small perspective of what's really going on. It's a shame that so many people live in the dark and allow themselves to be lead like sheep, buying into only what the news broadcasts, which is skewed by the networks own hidden agendas and political views.

Current TV is admittedly a liberal newtork, but they aren't afraid to explore all the facets of an issue, whether it be about hair or the possibility of war with Iran. The channel's varied podcasts probably answer many questions that we as an American society have that our government refuses to answer.

I know I keep going on and on about the political side of Current TV, but I must say that a lot of it is very lighthearted and simply all around informative. I always thought I could get smarter by watching the Discovery Network Channels, but Current TV trumps them all and I can honestly say I've learned so much more as a result of watching Current. Here's a link to their website:

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Trader Joe's

I have lived in Norwalk, CT for almost 7 years now with access to not ONE, but TWO Trader Joe's stores. I have never shopped there regularly and am now kicking myself. Just recently I have taken the time to peruse their aisles and check out all their goods and noticed one unmistakable fact.....their products are not only good.....they are really, really inexpensive!

I have been scouring the weekly fliers that come in the mail for savings to the stores I tend to frequent, like Stop & Shop or Shoprite and while they my have some decent deals depending on the week, they really can't beat Trader Joe's on certain things. Just last week I was at Trader Joe's with my son when they were going around with cereal samples for their Gourmet Flakes and Chocolate Cereal. Kellogg's has a similar product, in a smaller box, for almost twice what Trader Joe's is asking!!!!! It's amazing what a name brand can do to a price. And that's just one of their products that I have allowed myself to indulge in now that I can justify buying it again. They also have almond butter their which I have to buy for my daughter since she is allergic to peanuts and they charge around $4.00 for theirs where Stop & Shop has an almond butter for $10.00. Uh, no brainer! They also have their own verson of Pirate's Booty in a bigger bag for a whole lot less!

Not only does Trader Joe's do wonders for my budget, but they also offer a HUGE range of products that are ORGANIC!!!! Now that I've been scared into consuming mostly organic foods after reading Skinny Bitch, this is a mecca for me. The Trader Joe's I've been going to in Westport, CT is a small store and they don't offer fresh cuts of fish or meat (only frozen fish).....not that I should care since Skinny Bitch pretty much scared me into being vegetarian as well, so I'll have to check out the one in Darien, CT to see if that TJ's does things differently and offers a different variety.

All the same, Trader Joe's has great products and offer them at such competitive prices that I wish I'd taken the time to notice a long time ago. I was under the impression that it was high end health food store that only those who live in Westport and Darien could afford to shop at. I was way wrong. In fact, the staff as well couldn't be nicer! They all seem to enjoy their work, which makes the store feel so welcoming. They are so helpful and are so sweet to the kids. My son is sure he leaves with at least 2 balloons for both he and his sister whenever we go. Today he not only copped two balloons, but snagged two sets of mardi gras beads from one of the employees.....again, one for him and one for his big sis. What a nice little brother.

So, if you haven't yet discovered Trader Joe's, you must go! You can thank me later.

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