Thursday, June 11, 2009

Olsen Olsen

Olsen Olsen is a song by Sigur Ros off their A'gaetis Byrjun album. I had been skeptical of this album and Von only because other listeners described the albums as dark and moody. I'm still digesting A'gaetis Byrjun, but so far I really like it! My new favorite song is Olsen Olsen. It starts out with a kind of dark tone to it, but as soon as Jonsi starts singing, the mood lifts. His voice sounds like I'm hearing it in my dreams.....all soft, distant and echoed. When he crescendos at what I assume is the chorus, the feeling overtakes me and tears just spontaneously well up in my eyes. The sound is so beautiful. Then come the flute, piano and brass interludes that ultimately build into this very joyful and free spirited collaboration that lifts the heart out of any possible sadness. God, I love these guys!

I actually just sent a letter off to the band just expressing my appreciation for their fine work and in the letter I told them that I almost couldn't go back to listening to American music because their unique music makes American music sound cliche and almost ugly. I know that sounds harsh, because obviously there are still some decent American bands out there, but today's pop culture and the way the big record labels dictate song artists creativity have soured me to much of the American music industry. I do still have some bands I can listen to.....Dave Matthews being one of them.

By and large though, I am religiously reaching for Sigur Ros when I want to hear music. I sneak off to get a little listen on my iPod every now and then when I don't want to inundate my husband with the same tunes over and over again. I find I am more creative when I listen to them and I'm also more calm and happy as well. It's no wonder they were asked to play for the Dalai Lama about a week ago. Wow! What an honor! The feeling in the arena where the performance was held must have been pure love and bliss.

I say this because; even though it may sound retarded, I truly believe that Sigur Ros' music could bring about world peace if everyone listened to them. Bring the Dalai Lama into the mix and it's practically a done deal. Does any of this sound like a kooky movie from the 80's? Remember "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"? Remember how they were destined to create music that would bring world peace? Ahem.....enter Sigur Ros. The modern day and infinitely cooler band with a musical aesthetic that any true music lover can appreciate. Ahhhhhhh! I just can't get enough of them!

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